Chair Massage Benefit Facts

After A 15 to 20 minutes chair massage, there is…

Significant Stressor Reduction:

  • 85% reduction in stress
  • 26% reduction in anxiety
  • 28% reduction in depression
  • 28% improved quality of sleep
  • 48% decrease in headaches
  • 6% drop in blood pressure/difference between hypertensive & normal
  • 37% increase in immune function
  • 14% decrease in pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel and tendonitis
  • Two studies show increased alertness, speed and accuracy on math computations following treatment

Showing you the ROI!!!

Increases employee productivity

  • Givers gain! Employees are grateful!
  • Aren’t distracted by physical conditions and complications like back pain
  • Sales VP’s report “productivity and overall employee satisfaction has increased…, customer service ratings have improved…, ROI… ultimately experienced by our customers”

Attracts top talent

  • Massage is top on the list of “fun and creative perks”

Increased employee retention

  • Top talent will stick around when feeling appreciated

Decreases Worker’s Compensation claims

  • Relief from physical and mental illnesses reduces repetitive stress injuries

Reduces Health Care Costs

  • Recent study reports 31% less doctor’s visits and prescription medication from back pain
  • Over all health care cost reduction due to increased stress management

Improved office morale

  • Employee look forward to coming into work on that (chair massage) day in particular

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