Stress Management

Welcome! You are now on the road to de-stressing…

Who do you know who does NOT have stress? That’s a rhetorical question of course, because if you are alive, you have stress. Stress refers to the experience of pressure or resistance to something, either physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Stress can be positive, providing resistance to building more muscle mass, motivating us to get organized or inspiring us to reach for higher heights. It’s all good, as they say, unless it’s not being managed well and then it can become a source of dysfunction. Statistics report that seventy five percent of all illnesses is stress related. No wonder there is a focus on reducing that which may reek havoc and go undetected. Yet another characteristic of this silent sabotaging gremlin. So… if you want to rise above it and be lifted out of the fray… click on and read how to navigate your way back to peace, as a choice…

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