H2o Therapy

Sailboat Charters & Excursions

We offer:

Sailing education


Enjoy exercising your mind and your body learning something NEW! Let the wind both carry you away and focus your attention.  This yin/yang experience is unparalleled anywhere in life.  The elements of the water, wind, sun and solid structure (sailboat) provide a unique learning terrain for expanding your paradigms. Cast off your personal dock lines and let goooo…

Corporate Outings

Gather your core team or hand picked employees and gift them with an experience they will never forget.  When you are on the water, on a boat that is being propelled by nature (wind), it is bound to be special.  The beauty and sanctity that is shared will engender loyalty and deep appreciation among your team for years to come. Productivity will no doubt be a natural expression of their gratitude.

IMG_1325 IMG_1335

Team Building

Before leaving the dock, your team will set an intention for the office, group or colleagues that will be mirrored on the water. All the moving parts aboard the sailing vessel “Healer” will command your staff’s attention, inspire their efforts and excite their reasoning for how to get the job done! Making a boat move with no motor is electrifying! Doing what it takes “out there”, will compel each member of our team to transcribe their learning and bonding to every corner of the office environment or your group’s dynamic.  This non-linear education builds character and allegiance for a lifetime.

Group Facilitation

If your organization or company is having some internal challenges or needs to “get over the hump”, then we have a “boat for them to float” as a model for what it takes to move through their “troubled waters”.  Powerfully engaging in effective communication with their focused intention on resolution, will offer a new approach to renewing working relationships. Relationships are complex. Unravel and cut through the quagmire underway on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay with talented coaching and perception corrections. Things are often not as they appear to be, once we seek to understand.

Wellness Activities & Stress Management

Present Centered Mindfulness

Be in the moment! Become aware of the richness of NOW… Don’t let it pass you by obsessing over what is to come (the future) or being remorseful over what has happened (the past).  This moment is a gift. Receive it as the “present”, a present to unveil immediately. Your awareness of now will bring you boundless treasures. The learning is illuminating.


Your inward gaze is like no other. Meditation allows the dust to settle so you can breathe. Your body will age slower, your mind will ease, and your spirit will grow wings.  It is said that 20 minutes of meditation is the equivalent of several hours of sleep.  Ahhh…

Healthy Whole Foods


Nourishment is primary to life. We offer gourmet vegetarian delights that will amaze you! Most meat eaters are thoroughly impressed and forget about their carnivorous yearnings.  Our whole food dishes provide the necessary nutrition to be at sea.

Chair Massage

The pièce de résistance and highlight of your sailing excursion is experiencing the tranquility of the water and the soothing touch of skilled hands of our licensed massage therapist melting away the stress of your life on land.  A chair-massage at anchor cannot be outdone! It’s true bliss…

Michael, a lifelong sailor, has a degree in Health and Wellness and provides Stress Management via Life Coaching, Massage Therapy and Holistic Nutrition Consults since 1980.

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