Life Coaching Clients…

Testimonies of HOB Coaching Clients:

“I had invited Michael Campbell of ‘Healing On the Bay’ to speak during a staff retreat for our home visiting program. The topic was to be a lecture on ‘Self Care and Stress Management’, which was to be the last of several lectures of the day on the topics. Michael was an amazing, dynamic, energizing force during his presentation. Not only did he bring the energy level to extraordinary levels, he gave a fantastic presentation not only on self care and stress management, in addition to team building. He lead an intriguingly group exercise which emphasized and demonstrated the importance of changing our perceptions and finding empathy for other members of our team. It was fantastic! We would absolutely invite him back to our next retreat!”

Kurt Tesnau – Staff Coordinator


HOB coaching has been a compelling experience that has opened me up to a new way of living and a deeper understanding of me. I have gotten in touch with some traumatic past experiences that were the source of my low self-esteem and negative behavior.  The new me feels happier and more in harmony with my true self.  I am excited daily about applying the new tools and techniques I’ve learned through coaching by setting boundaries and standing my ground in adverse situations. I am also now accountable for my every choice. Michael Campbell is insightful and takes a direct and honest approach in his coaching. His relentless concern for my well being inspires me to become my  best.  I am greatful that I started this process and choosen Michael as my life coach.

Excited about my life,

Billie Taylor – Mother/Telecommunications Analyst


“While working with Michael one of the things I learned was to forgive myself for my past failed activities. Each day, each moment then became a fresh, new start with a blank slate. I had been losing faith in myself by thinking about the times I had failed to do what I said I would do. I had undermined my own power to accomplish what I needed to at that moment. Now I am more aware of my limiting thoughts and how to change them on the fly which frees me from  suffering about the past that use to stop me from moving foward.”

L.N., Leadership Consultant 


Initially, I was seeking the help of a therapist after  recovering from a recent intense surgery.  A close friend felt that I would be served better by employing the services of a life coach.  I wasn’t sure if a life coach was really what I needed or if I could benefit from coaching. Then the universe led me to Michael Campbell.  I have really enjoyed being coached.  His coahing has challenged me to be less rigid and more open to experience love and intimacy while setting boundaries by saying no.  I am also now quiting my exhausting, “go nowhere job” and persuing the career of my dreams.  Michael is able to see more in me than I can by myself.  He has encouraged me to explore and discover all of the possibilities that life has

to offer.  I look forward to my weekly session with Michael and I believe everyone can benefit from being coached by him.


T. Marks – Sales Rep.


I am a retired Director of Civilian Personnel Programs for the US Navy.  I have been receiving massage therapy from Michael for many years now.  During our sessions he has also coach me on various topics to help me manage the stress of my life.  One day I shared with him a dream I had to dream of traveling across the US making a difference through storytelling.  We decided then to separate the massage from the coaching to help me zero in on my goal.  Through his excellent coaching, he helped me turn my dream into a reality by coaching me to sort out my goals and priorities, stay focused and energized, and setting up a plan to accomplish it all.  I am now a proud owner of an RV taking my stories on the road while exploring the US of A.  I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is seeking coaching, that wants to fulfill a passion not yet reality.  I’ve learned you’re never too old to have a Life Coach!

Virginia Keeping – Storyteller

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