Advanced Bodywork is a therapeutic massage/bodywork and wellness strategy system specifically designed for people who desire immediate and long term results in achieving health and vitality.  An individual or company can implement this system into their daily activities and expect to immediately enhance their wellbeing.



Much like an auto-mechanic, our therapist is equipped to use a variety of  “tools” to get the job done and provides a space for healing to occur. Some of the bodywork modalities or “tools” include:

Swedish massage

Connective tissue therapy

Neuromuscular therapy


Sports massage

Polarity (energy balancing)

Shiatsu (energy balancing)

The most comforting aspect of this experience is the safety, nurturing and high level of professionalism that is provided.

The wellness strategies previously mentioned adds another very powerful dimension to this work.  The extensive training and experience of the therapist in bodywork and other health related fields such as psychophysical bodywork, holistic nutrition, addictions, attitudinal healing, and astrology helps you to integrate the total mind/body experience.  That means that the stress and strain you experience at work and in your personal relationships with yourself and others, can be addressed and resolved within the framework of ADVANCED Bodywork.

Take your health and wellbeing off the back burner


make them a

Top Priority!

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