Intention & Benefits of Structural Integration

The intention of the 10 SI Sessions

The first three sessions (1, 2 & 3) are considered the “sleeve sessions”.  They begin working with the superficial muscles of the body.  The next three sessions (4, 5 & 6) are called the “core” sessions.  They are designed to work on the muscles that are closest to the bones of the body.  Session seven (7) is a session unto itself, which focuses on the head and neck.  After sessions one (1) through six (6) are complete the head can be “placed” back on the body so that it is in alignment with the “new” structure of the body.  The last three sessions (8, 9 & 10) are the called the integration sessions.  They might be considered the “touch up” sessions as they attend to any body religions or muscles that still need work so that the whole body can be fully integrated.

Benefits You Can Expect from the 10 Sessions

During the course of our lives, our body posture is shaped by injuries, repetitive activity like standing, sitting, typing, holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder, athletics, illnesses that restrict movement, attitudes and beliefs.  If our posture is not aligned, then some other part of our body will compensate to balance the misalignment.  This can cause a host of problems for the body to deal with like minor muscular pain or chronic muscular pain (common areas are neck, upper/mid/lower back, pelvis, knee), organ dysfunction, chronic head aches, joint inflammation, nervous system malfunction, muscular spasms, TMJ syndrome (jaw pain, clicking, clenching, etc.), restricted breathing, and general body discomfort and poor health that seems to never go away.

After receiving 10 sessions of Structural Integration people have reported feeling pain free, an increased capacity to breathe, greater mobility and flexibility or “really loose”.  They have also experienced increased energy, more balanced in their posture, being happier and better able to deal with daily stress.  These are only some of the benefits one could expect to experience as each body is unique and has its own growth and healing process.

We invite you to give yourself this gift of healing, and experience greater freedom and joy!

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