Wellness Coaching…

Health and Wellness coaching is the foundation slice of the wheel of life.  If you are not well, all the other aspects of life are not worth living.  Wellness coaching is directed at your physical body and it’s connection to your other bodies; Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  This process involves an honest appraisal and inquiry of what it will take for you to experience optimal health.

We examine:

  • What you eat

  • Your relationship to food

  • Whole foods verses processed food

  • Food preparation

  • If you exercise

  • How you exercise

  • How you rejuvenate your body/mind/spirit

  • Rest

  • Healing modalities

  • Supplements

  • Medications

  • Attitude

We provide a plan of action for you to begin a new and healthy lifestyle.  If you are so inclined, we invite you begin today!

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