Structural Integration

An Overview of



  • Structural Integration is an advanced deep tissue bodywork system designed to bring postural and structural imbalances back into alignment. 

  • This process involves ten (10) sessions during which the therapist works with the putty-like connective tissue of the body’s muscular system. 

  • Each session has a specific intention, is distinctly different from the rest and is designated to build on the preceding one. 

  • During this unfolding process, it is common for an individual to become aware of past physical and emotional experiences that are reflected in the neuromuscular connection to the memory domain of the brain. 

  • Bringing awareness to the mind/body connection enables healing to occur at its most basic level. 

  • At the completion of ten sessions, people often report feeling; pain-free, more balanced in their posture, greater freedom in movement and better able to deal with daily stress. 

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