Advanced Bodywork

When my elderly father was experiencing a great deal of pain and stiffness in his shoulders and upper back, I wanted a massage therapist who would take good care of my dad. Michael was competent, considerate, gentle, and made my dad feel safe during the therapy session. I will be forever grateful.

– Wayne

Massages have always been at the top of my favorite things.  So, when I was looking for a therapist, Michael was recommended by a friend.  I tried him once, for 90 minutes, and I was hooked, to say the least.  It was THE best massage I ever received.  Michael came to my home every Friday for at least 15 years for a 2 1/2 hour massage.   I was fortunate to not have physical pain that needed to be worked on.  Rather, Michael’s massages became a spiritual journey for me.  They put me in touch with my power (if I could create something so fabulous, I could create anything), my immense gratitude, bliss, and renewed spiritual awakening.  I know this sounds very “airy fairy”, but there are almost no words to describe the experiences I had every week.  The benefits lasted for days.  And whatever aches and pains might have come, didn’t because of the work he did.

Before Michael, I tried many different massage therapists.  No one even came close.  Unfortunately, my financial situation changed, and I couldn’t do the weekly massages anymore.  BUT, that goal motivates me to make my new business a huge success so I can afford it again. I can’t wait!

– Bev Nerenberg

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