HOB, Inc.

For those of us who are sailors, the word “Healing” has a double meaning.  When the wind fills our sails, the boat leans on it’s side and “heels”.  The same wind powers the boat like a natural motor, propelling us forward toward our destination, which often is simply just… sailing.
 The feeling of heeling is so freeing and magical that many are “healed” from the experience alone.  This is only the beginning…

2 thoughts on “HOB, Inc.

  1. Hi.

    I’m having a hard time understanding the fee arrangement. I can’t tell where you’re located. I am in Canton baltimore. What would the Fee be for a 90 minute massage ? Evening availability? Do you offer in-studio visits? Thanks.

    • Hello David,
      My studio is in Charles Village, Mt. Washington and Annapolis. My fee is $90/hr., 135/1.5 hrs. I do have evening availability. Clients come to me and I offer home visits as well. Please give me a call to chat about the details of your needs. Thanks for you inquiry.

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