Customized Supplementation

With our on-the-go lifestyles, we often do not eat conscientiously. Instead, we eat what is convenient and what tastes good. This is understandable, however it lends itself to the consumption of poor nutrition from nutrient deficient food. Even if we are diligent about preparing food at home and make great nutritious meals, our produce can be grown in soil robbed of minerals, moisture and structure, depleted and not replenished.

Soil Depletion

This is why supplementation is crucial to support optimal health and wellness.

Also of concern is the quality of nutrients in the supplements and/or if what’s on the label is in the bottle. There are too many companies taking advantage of consumers by using non-pharmaceutical grade supplements or skimping on the quantities advertised. We must do our due diligence to find a reliable supplier of the vital nutrients we need that are missing in our diets.

We at HOB, Inc. have discovered that unbiased, third party evaluations hold companies to FDA standards that ensure nutritive integrity. Isotonix and TLS is such a supplement that is backed by scientific research and medical wisdom and has customized an assessment of your individual biological nutritional needs.

“It’s not what you take for supplementation, it’s what you absorb”.

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Sound nutrition is not one size fits all; it needs to be individualized to suit your personal needs. Let us know how much better you are feeling and if your vitality improves with smart supplementation. Here’s to your healthy life!

Someone said:

 “I took the assessment and ordered my supplements about a month ago. I was pleased that they came in these individually wrapped packets for each day so that I knew exactly what to take and when. They are so convenient because I travel and I’m always on the go. I can put a week’s worth in my pocketbook! I am feeling so much better! My energy level is up and I am sleeping better than ever! Thank you HOB!” – H. G.

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