Clients Speak…

Michael is absolutely amazing! I was reluctant at first to think he could make a difference with my injured shoulder. His ability to relax me and give amazing relief from the pain in my damaged shoulder is still something I can’t believe! He is a magician with his hands and was able to fix a problem in one hour that had lasted for months. I recommend him to everyone I know. I have yet to hear anyone say anything less than Fantastic from his services. Trust me, if you do one thing today have a session with Michael. He works wonders!

~ Chris Baker, Lakeside Title Company

Last year I was in a car accident that left me dysfunctional and in pain. I had two back surgeries 15 years before and was in deep distress over my renewed injury. Michael was recommended by a friend and after an initial consult, I entered into a 2-hour 10-session plan.

His deep tissue work was like nothing I have ever experience and I cannot say enough about how Michael got me back on my feet. Each session covered a new portion of the body and as we journeyed through the process, I slowly began to feel like myself again.

My insurance did not pay for the treatments but I decided that it was worth it to pay out of pocket and get the right treatment as nothing else had worked. Back health is a lifelong endeavor for me and I will always need to be careful because of the injuries that I have sustained over the years. I have gone to many people, from acupuncturists, to chiropractors and massage therapist. I know of no other practitioners that could have gotten me back on my feet the way that Michael did. I wish that I had known him 15 years before and maybe, just maybe, I could have avoided my other surgeries altogether.

~ LaMar Davis

When my elderly father was experiencing a great deal of pain and stiffness in his shoulders and upper back, I want a massage therapist who would take good care of my dad. Michael was competent, considerate, gentle, and made my dad feel safe during the therapy session. I will be forever grateful.

~ Wayne

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