Businesses Love It!

I hired Michael Campbell from Healing On the Bay as a gift for one of my client’s company’s Christmas party in December. It was such a success, that they asked for me to have him back for another party they had a couple of months later.  The employees LOVED their chair massages and couldn’t get enough.  Michael is not only a consummate professional, but he has a knack for being able to make everyone feel relaxed. He even finds an individual person’s trouble spots and gets to them, in the short amount of time allotted for a chair massage.  Watching everyone get off the chair looking like they had just had years of stress wiped off of them is like watching magic!  Michael has a true gift that not all massage therapists have.  I would recommend every office do these chair massage packages on a regular basis for stress relief.

~ Toné Compito Wellington, Lakeside Title Company

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