10 key learning points on how to reduce stress

 Get a Massage – Massage therapy is highly effective and commonly known as a tremendous stress reducer.  The benefits of massage or bodywork are numerous from increasing circulation of both blood and lymph to optimizing neuromuscular functioning for performance and relaxation.  When circulation is increased the body is nourished and we fell energized and able to be productive.  So it is true for our nervous system telling our body to move or relax.

Hydrotherapy – Hydrotherapy is an effective and cost free way to create healing and relief in the body.  Most heat causes an increase in circulation but also sedation in the nervous system.  You can also use bath salts and formulas to create a deeper and broader affect during a hot bath.  Ice is also a

Perception Correction – Reframe a circumstance, the past or the future, your opinion of someone or something positively.  A positive outlook like “the glass is half full” often leads to a positive experience of something that could otherwise ruin your day or your life.

Glass half full

Meditation/Sleep – Meditation can be as rejuvenating as sleep and both are very powerful tools for managing stress.  Meditation is simply take some dedicated time, like sleep, to be still and turn your focus within.  It can sometimes be achieve with a “mantra”, an empowering word to focus on, or your breath or an image or color.  Twenty minute of meditation can be as restorative taking a 2-3 hour nap.

Sleep on the other hand, is required for our body to replenish and revitalize our body and mind.  We often don’t get enough, which can result in chronic fatigue and other immune deficiencies and biochemical challenges that can lead to physical complications.

Eat less – Most of live to eat instead of eating to live.  As a result, we over stress our digestive, immune, endocrine, circulatory, integumentary, pulmonary and nervous systems.  Over eating often occurs due to emotional, psychological, cultural and nutritional deficits.


Communicate openly and honestly – It is said that, “people make the world go round.”  We need social interaction and stimulation to survive as a species.  Communication is the key to establishing and maintaining all relationships.  Often there is fear about hurting someone’s feelings if we have something to say that is important.

Express your anger in a healthy manner – Getting permission to express your anger is the healthy way to convey this very human emotion.  Often we just let our anger rage by screaming and yelling, choosing hurtful words that are used to retaliate in revenge.  This type of anger expression is destructive.  Ironically, if we look at the emotion that preceded our anger we most often will find another emotion that is more representative of how we really feel like hurt, disappointment, jealousy, grief, doubt, unworthiness, sadness, etc.  If we can communicate our true emotions openly and honestly, then the likelihood of a positive result is much greater.

Hydration – Sunlight, air and water are vital elements to our existence.  Drinking 8 glasses of water daily will go a long way in managing the multitude of biochemical processes that our body undergoes that help us to manage stress.  Hormones, muscular contraction, brain activity and heartbeat are but a few biological functions that water plays a part in.  We are 92 % water so we need to replenish our constitution.

Laughter – Laughter was documented as a contributing factor to healing the life threatening illness of Norman Cousins.   The phrase, “comic relief” attests to this notion.  Our brain chemistry secretes neurotransmitters that make us feel good, taking the biting edge off of tension and anxiety.


Forgive someone(s) – Starting with you, forgiveness it the way to inner peace and unconditional love.  Who wouldn’t want that?   Forgiveness is about our own wellbeing more than others.  When we harbor resentment, anger and judgment, it hurts us more than the targeted person(s).  Negative and hostile feelings create the opposite brain chemistry of laughter, which can be circumvented simply by forgiving someone.

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