Two Stress Reducing Exercises

Two Stress Reducing Exercises

Deep Breathing – Like water and sunlight, oxygen is an even more vital nutrient and essential to life.  Oxygen actually exists in water, H2O and in foods that are have chlorophyll like dark leafy greens, wheat grass and parsley. It comes in the form of peroxide feeding our cells oxygen from the inside.

Deep Breathing also gives us an opportunity to stop and collect ourselves and to reflect.  It allows us to get grounded and expand at the same time, just as meditation does.  Sometimes the two go hand in hand, deep breathing as a meditation.  When we oxygenate our blood, it creates an alkaline ph, which creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that cause illness to survive and thrive.

Take some breaths now, deep and slooooow….

Yoga – This ancient form of body/mind integration and expansion has been part of Indian culture for more than 5,00 thousands years.  It is more than just a technique or exercise.  It is a way of life accompanied by a wholesome attitude toward living that life.

Yoga is such a powerful exercise because it combines three different stress reducing practices, exercise/stretching and strengthening, breathing and meditation.  The exercise aspect is designed to put pressure on the glandular system as well as elongating the musculature in sync with intentional breathing.  The result is increased body efficiency and overall wellness, which quiets that mind for meditation.

There are many forms of Yoga.  Hatha Yoga is perhaps the most common form for beginners and is more gentle.  Other forms of Yoga vary based on their intention and can be more vigorous like Bikram, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga.  Some are more spiritual like Anasara and Sivananda Yoga however; they all have a spiritual component that connects you with your Inner Divinity.

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